So much I am still holding on to
But, in a moment YOU showed me what it means to leave everything to YOU
And I realised that I was carrying that unnecessary burden of emotions, of expectations, of ego
I wanted things to happen in my way
Soon realised, “Thank God, it never happened according the way I say.”
That moment was painful as nothing was happening according to me
YOU told me to have patience and have trust in the process
YOU told me just to “Go with YOU”
Slowly I understood that it was all a dimension new
What I “wanted” seems to be good was a delusion
Where YOU were taking me was the only solution
Every moment was tough then and full of pain
Transforming to a Butterfly in that cocoon was a drain
I never knew what change was going to come
I was stuck in my thoughts and getting beating on it’s tunes like a drum
Drums were beating it’s own rhythm
which was not a music for sure
Nothing was soothing and nothing was pure
YOU said “Now it’s enough”
“Come here now and let me show YOU light that has always been their in YOU.”
“Just leave the body, mind, ego and see what’s within YOU.”
I was terrified to look within
Somewhere I knew there was filthy garbage, I have collected for years and years
Now what should I do, I asked YOU
YOU said “Just have Faith and Patience”
” I am always there with you.*
” you tried to ignore MY presence, you tried to leave ME, But I never left YOU.”
“I am with YOU from Eternity, it’s you who thought I was different than you.”
“I was waiting, always waiting for this day to come, when you come back to ME and never ever run.”
“The time has come, the time has come.”