Have you ever been at the end of a long queue of people waiting to get their book signed by an esteemed author in a busy competitive city like Mumbai? Wouldn’t you call it a miracle if they urge you to move to the front of the queue instead of leaving without getting your book signed? I have witnessed this miracle of kindness when Swamiji signed my copy of his book .

Ten years ago, I read my Swamiji’s wisdom for the first time and his words have been my guiding light ever since. I have never missed reading any of his posts in all these years. His books occupy a place of pride in my little collection.

When I came to know that he would be present at a book signing event in my city, I just knew I couldn’t miss it for any reason. This was in March 2014, when my youngest was only a few months old. I planned in advance to make sure my husband and dad would be with my kids, while I visited the venue of the event with my mom. 

I reached just in time to hear Swamiji answer a question that many of his readers had in my mind after reading his book. Just as I joined the long queue to get my copy signed by him, I received a call from home that my baby needed me. I began to make my way towards the exit with tears welling in my eyes, like a child who had been denied a simple wish. Just as I reached the door, kindhearted fellow readers of Swamiji urged me to join the very front of the queue. That’s when I knew that my beloved guru can make miracles of kindness occur wherever he was present . 

Thank you universe, for everything …