BMI (Body Mass Index) should be below 29! I exclaimed as I read the criteria on the Skydive portal. I said aloud, “You are ok with the exorbitant fees you charge me but not with my weight?”

I had a bad feeling about this as I worked out my BMI on the same site. To my not-so-surprising horror my BMI was 31 — bordering on overweight and obesity. In exasperation, I uttered to my amused husband, “I am not overweight I  just do not have enough height.”He replied, “My dear adrenaline junkie, if this is what you wish for, work towards bringing your BMI down.”

Ok challenge accepted! I accepted the challenge without realising that reduce BMI by two to three points the requirement is at least 15kgs of trimming. What a daunting task!  

GM, Keto, Paleo… You name it, I have tried it. Yes, all the diets and have drank all concoctions and potions, apple cider vinegar, lemon in warm water. I did occasionally hit the gym, too, but my cellulite was as stubborn as me.

One fine day, my sister, Malarvizhi Om, introduced me to intermittent fasting or IF and gifted me a book — a memoir of a lady who followed IF and also explained the science behind it.

Again, my mind was like, “Impossible! Fast for 16hrs minimum!”  However, with determination, I started yet another trial. Along with the fast, I threw in a daily 30mins walk. A  good friend travelled with me on my journey; Healthy competition (pun intended), good peer pressure.

We kept small goals — 2kgs per 10 days. Fast forward three years, my determination paid off. I started at 83kgs and now at 68kgs, this is sustainable.

Still borderline overweight as per the BMI portal but the journey continues. I am almost there. Once, hitting below 70kgs seemed unattainable. But I decided, “I will do it.”It’s called willpower for a reason.

This blog is not for any superficial cosmetic reason but more about being healthy, being determined, and even more important — being there for each other.

PS: Yet to Skydive. Watch this space, friends 🙂