I am a nomad.
From one place
to another,¬† travelling…
from one country
to another,¬†¬† migrating …

From one house
to another, shifting ….
from one thought
to another, brooding ….

I am a nomad.
from one truth
to another, realizing ….
from one group
to another, transforming ….

From one illusion
to another, vanishing ….
from one form of  violence
to another, suffering …

I am a nomad.
From one responsibility
to another, accepting …
from one weakness
to another relenting …

From one stress
to another, accumulating …
from one scare
to another, drowning …

I am a nomad.
From one happiness
to another¬† Vapourising …
From one feeling
to another, sprawling …

From one uncertainity
to another, groping
from one body
to another, relinquishing …

I am a nomad…


Dear God,
Let   my   heart   be  fertile  with LOVE,
So that   I can harvest the flowers of happiness
All   through   the   year.

Let me be rich
So that I can trade for a smile
On   a  worried  face.

Let my mind be a treasure of
So that there is no dearth for anything.

Let the child in me be ACTIVE,
So that when somebody throws a tantrum,
I can relate  with   them

Let  me be WISE,
So that  I realise
That ,I am not greater or lesser than
Any body else.

Let me be  AWARE  , all the time
That, with all my
Strengths and weaknesses,
I am your child
Like everybody  else in the world.