The rise of the internet and social commerce industries has had some interesting implications. One of which is you can pretty much do anything to make a living. 

I recently learnt about Potato Parcel, a company that delivers potatoes with personalized messages or pictures. It’s not a joke like I initially thought, if you find it hard to believe you can go on their website I found out about these through the show Shark Tank. There was another business where a guy drew cats for people and mailed it to them. I think he ran it successfully until recently where I think he is pursuing another venture. 

What I found interesting is these are just people who have their own interests, passions and built something out of it. By no means it’s easy, there is likely fear, uncertainty, doubt and many unexpected obstacles. But is it worth trying? 

Remember the regret minimization framework. Project yourself to 80 years and think whether you will regret not doing something, not trying something.

I hope this is a game changer. 

People putting their energy into what interests them and their passions is a net positive for everyone. We don’t really know the absolute answer to existential questions like what the purpose of our life is,  but it’s certainly not doing things we don’t like and enjoy just to make a living and survive.

As much as I found these ideas interesting, I would not be pursuing a gig in anything remotely close to drawing. But definitely encourages one to explore and think differently. It also fuels optimism and who knows where it may lead to. It’s something that is exciting and good for the mind and the soul.