Fantasies are something that we dream of sometimes but they can not be fulfilled.

Sometimes I do think why did I grow into adult?If I could go back in time and live my childhood again,how beautiful it would be❤️.

Many people must have thought sometime the way I think sometimes.Many would relate to this☺️.

We are adults and have certain responsibilities on our shoulders which we can’t ignore in any way.I see children playing,their innocence and I think the way I described above.How precious is it to be a child when you have no stress,no responsibilities and everyone loves you😊.

I remember how I used to play so much and enjoy so much.Of course I remember how I used to enjoy so much in school and then after coming back from school,me and my brother,Sukhman used to watch Tv.And u know what we used to watch.

If i would have wings... 2

Yes,Sonpari😊.Many of u would be happy reading this.This was my favourite serial.Sonpari,frooty and Altu,how amazing it was to watch them daily.I used to think if I could get similar pari as my friend 😊😊.

Then,you people remember this.If i would have wings... 3

Shaka laka boom boom,Sanju and his magic pencil.How wonderful it was.I used to think that if I could get similar pencil😊.It was beautiful serial.

Then this,If i would have wings... 4

Jiya and her nani ‘s bond was so adorable.Her nani used to help her lot and their magic mantra was mind blowing.

Remember this?If i would have wings... 5

Yes,Hatim.I used to enjoy every bit of it.

These all were beautiful ❤️.My childhood and of course the people reading this would relate so well.

When we play with children,we forget all our pains and we live like a child.😊.We get to live our childhood again.But as I wrote in my previous post,there is still a child within all of us and we should keep the child within  alive all our life.

Thank u for reading 💓


Yours Ripandeep❤️