The mansion looked beautiful from the outside, majestic and its colors and posh in its design. But as you enter the mansion, it turns out to be a haunted mansion.
It can be quite disappointing right? Like the most beautiful person but there’s no life inside.
That Turban on the head is a symbol which stands for something –
No discrimination against anyone, no gender inequality, no superstitions, can die to protect the honor of others, can stand for anybody’s rights and beliefs.
I remember somebody sharing with me long time ago that in India if a train were passing from a dangerous area at night, people would rest assured if there was one turbaned guy in the bogey. They would all say “this guy will die protecting our honor, we are safe”. He was equivalent to a police force or an army for them.
Today, when I tie my turban can I assure others who look at me for the same values? Do I stand for those values which my ancestors lived and died for?
If not, then I am like that mansion which looks beautiful from the outside but haunted from within.

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