Is there any thing that you put off for tomorrow and you did it?

But Most of the times results would be….. The tomorrow that is expected to come, that never comes.

Let me give you an example……
I decided to quit TEA and my mom also ordered me the same. It was at the time of start of lock down. So, I thought I’ve got a enough time. I’ll stop taking tea tomorrow onward But what really happened was my tomorrow never appeared.

Lock down ended and unlocking process started however every morning when I had a pleasant smell of tea from kitchen I couldn’t resist myself from having it and again…. Same resolution …. Today is the last day and will definitely stop taking tea from tomorrow….

But this never happened…

There are a lot of examples one can relate to But this single one is enough for me to make you understand that tomorrow never comes.

Just keep in mind that you need to do it now or never . You will never be able to do your tasks if you put them for the next day and that’s why you’ll never gain your desired success.