This is a famous quote by John F. Kennedy.

Recently while surfing internet i have came across it. 

I have read it numerous times, but though i want to share it here.



If we don’t attain our supreme goal (different for everyone, anything like that status, dream, family relationship, here i am focusing on as swamiji said  Discover Your Own TRUTH !) then who will attain that?

If we don’t do it NOW ! then what are we waiting for? All necessary time/things/ situations/ etc. is provided by Lord. (Or I can say provided in ample amount) Are we waiting for Next Birth ? Where are those problems which we are facing 2-3 years before or I can say in our previous births, we faced? 

Once upon a time a Young Sage got to know about a Saint who lives in forests of Rishikesh. He also hear from many people that he doesn’t meet with anyone. Next day he was standing outside the hut of that saint. As soon as door opens Young Sage said “, Narayan Hari ! ” The saint also replied “, Kaha se aaye ? Kaise aaye?”, ( from where u have came? How you have came?)

After that a very meaningful discussion take place between them. The saint clears all the doubts of young one and also gave his insightful advices to rectify the mistakes which he was doing etc. etc. 

In the end Saint said “, Thik hai ab to? Sadhana karo ab jaakar . ( ok now? Go and Do your spiritual practice now) 

(now as the words came from our mouth, that young one also replied) “, Bas kripa chahiye babaji aapki aur bhagwan ki “, ( kindly bestow your grace upon me) 

Upon hearing this , The saint became angry in a most volcanic like situation. “,   Kripa? 😡 yaha aaye to bhagwan ki kripa se aaye ya nahi ? Hamne hamara 20 saal ka sadhana ka anubhav aur bahut kuch tumko apna maanakar bataya . To ye hamari krupa hui ya nahi? Ab Tum Khud par kripa kab karoge? Khud par daya karke sadhana karo ! “, (Grace? You have come here  due to god grace only ! I have told you my 20 years experiences and many things to help you in your sadhana, this is my grace or not? Now when will you Do/ Shower Grace on Yourself? When will you take steps for doing your sadhana ?)


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P.S. :- Bestow your Grace on Yourself, Take Action Now !