If You Aren’t Vaccinated Get Vaccinated Right Away! 

When Covid 19 hit no one could have imagined that it would have caused havoc all across the world. Around 4.2 million people have perished due to this virus and this has caused great grief to surviving family members.

  The entire world were desperately waiting for a vaccine, and scientists all over the world worked together to solve this issue, and within a year vaccines started to roll out to the public. It’s scientifically has been proven that due to vaccine, millions of lives have been saved. We all know how devasting the black plague was in the year 1918 and due to this 50 Million lives were lost.

Thanks to vaccines deadly diseases such as small pox has been permanently eradicated from the face of the earth. Polio has been eradicated to but in a few counties it is still an endemic according to my recent search. 

History has taught us from time and again, but yet some people are anti vaccine takers. In all families there will be this odd person out, whom might believe in the weirdest theories, and therefore might forego to take the vaccine which is critical for one’s protection. When over a billion people have already been vaccinated what is our problem? Do such people want to stand alone in some corner? If we are fit and are approved to take the vaccine ,we must do so. It is our responsibility to our family, and to our society we live in, to keep everyone safe.   

I have heard people telling me, that nothing will happen to me, I have complete faith in the divine. It is like saying that I’ll stand in the middle of the highway, and have faith in the divine, that nothing will happen. Such thinking is beyond foolish! What needs to be done ,needs to be done and there is just no other way aroud it. It is a miracle by itself that the vaccine came out within a year. This is a divine grace by itself.

By divine grace, hopefully this all ends soon. Whenever I hold on to the feet of mother divine I cannot express the words how it feels like. Whenever I listen to this perticualr music of divine mother, I feel as if I am totally at bliss.

Here it is – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJeTopeArh8

Please take care and stay safe 🙂 

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