“Parents are the form of God on Earth”, from the childhood we all are hearing that. 

I’ve always seen, how kids are blamed for not resecting or taking care of their parents but I hardly heard the opposite where parents are not taking care their kids. 

Society always blames kids, but never questions parents, can’t parents be wrong or have some fault in them? 

Maybe not all, but at least in some. 

I shared here that after my mother now I’m living with my father, support them in, shop, household work and cooking.

With all these I’m also studying and preparing for government job. 

I’ve got a government job and now I’m further preparing for another exam, that I shared here

I’ve still not got my joining so till the time, I’ll keep living with my father. 

I don’t have any answer, but my father is always indifferent with me, my happiness, my well being and my studies. 

He doesn’t really support my further preparation physically, mentally or even financially. He keeps me engaged in many works that can be avoided easily but still he doesn’t do. 

I never deny any work, I always feel it’s my responsibility to do all the work that my father asks me to do. 

I know, even for a single denial, society will call me a disobedient son and I’m not like that. 

So even at the cost of my study, I do all the works as my duty. 

I still remember from childhood, my father never pick me in his arms, it was only my mother. 

I’ll still say, I don’t know why. I’ve only reason for this, that is genetics. 

My grandmother was also like him, she didn’t even had any love for any of her kids, and that attribute transferred to my father. My grandfather was not like that. 

Whenever I demanded any toy or firecracker (that I liked most), my father always rebuked me, it was always my mother, that fulfilled my tiny wishes. 

My father always remain indifferent, I don’t know why. 

I always believe, Anger is better than guilt. 

Living with my father makes me angry but I will live till I can, because at least I don’t feel guilt that I left my father alone. 

After joining, I’ll not have any choice and will have to go. 

But whenever my father will be willing to come at my place, I’ll warmly welcome, because I’m not a bad son, I’m not a bad person. 

Jai Shri Hari!! 

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