Hello Family…..

Please don’t judge me….. I’m sharing here because I feel like sharing here is like sharing yourself to non judgmental people…

I don’t know who can relate this or who can’t…….

We all have personal problems which we have to deal with…. We have to make hard choices,,, really very very hard choices..

But sometime we leave things on future, if it’s like a commitment that you are working very hard in present for future then it’s good, but if you are just escaping from this because you are not ready for accepting this now then there are very less chances of accepting this in future…

Truth to be told, I’m confused about myself… Don’t know what I’m going to do…

If I tell my family what’s going on with me then I’m afraid what they’ll say… What’ll be there reaction… No matter who I’m…. If I say that thing in front of them then everything is gonna change… No matter how brilliant I’m, how much talented I’m, every quality loses its quality….. Thing which will matter at that time will be that I’m not like others…..

Why it’s so hard always?

Please don’t judge me on this..

I’m confused…..

Sometimes I want to cry on my situation. I feel pity about me….. Oh Abhishek…..Β 

Maa! Why I’m here?

But trust me I’m still the same…

See how much afraid I’m that I didn’t mentioned anything clearly….

Pic Credits: quotefancy