Did you watch the movie “Journey 2: The mysterious Island”. I really liked watching this movie but what left a deep impression on my mind was the below clip. I was so excited at the thought of owning a pet like that. Many a time I let my mind wander to a place like this when I want to calm my mind down and remind myself of the beauty and exclusivity that only life can offer.

YouTube video

On a different note, fantasy and imagination add a tinge of surrealism to life, making it look beautiful and bearable whenever it is not. Like how J.K Rowling said-

What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality. We touch other people’s lives simply by existing. We have the power to imagine better.” 1

Do you ever wonder about the age of your soul? I do. How many birthdays I must have celebrated in how many lifetimes? If today, I celebrate my soul birthday how big the cake must be to accommodate all the candles? (with the hypothesis that I have traversed this land for quite a while) Many a time I keep thinking that our consciousness is stuck in these Avatar bodies that we carry around (Have you watched the movie Avatar?), and which comes along with some default settings and some programming in the form of conditioning; our original memories being erased. And we are all playing this game called Life without a proper instruction manual or guidance. No one knows if someone actually knows the objective of this life game and we just keep collecting these glittering coins shining in front of our eyes because everyone seems to be doing so all the while; while flashing these big smiles on their faces that bewitches us. And of course, it feels good to see a huge number of gold coins in our bag. So how many lifelines have you wasted and what level are you playing at?

The other day I was reading an article by Dandapani which says-

I don’t see flaws in this nation. I see patterns that need to be adjusted as souls of various levels of maturity strive to find common ground. This is indeed challenging. You cannot expect a young soul to fathom a mature soul. But a mature soul can understand the actions of a younger soul and express patience, empathy, and compassion. 

In a nation that provides the breadth of freedom that this nation does, one can expect the best and worst of humanity to shine. It is part of freedom. The mature souls must guide the younger souls.

This is how it must be. This is how it has always been. In every nation across the globe. Changes were always driven by a few, sometimes by one.”2

So, before this avatar body goes completely outdated and wears out, the objective of this life game seems to be figuring out where we stand on this maturity ladder and keep updating/reprogramming it according to the mature soul instructions to cross the game levels easily. Play this life game to collect brownie points by helping younger souls to clear their game level if they are stuck, to get power boosters, and then work towards rising high on the maturity ladder. And how to do that.

Well as Swamiji says in the video titled, Meditation and Imagination,

Even meditation is imagination. The seed of imagination is the basis of all progression for human beings and for any invention or discovery to be possible. Imagination is the basis of human spiritual progression too”.

So, what are you imagining today? How about getting a mini elephant as a pet?


  1. J.K. Rowling Harvard Commencement Speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UibfDUPJAEU
  2. America … I love by Dandapani, Link: https://dandapani.org/blog/america-i-love/

       Image Credits: kjpargeter on Freepik