Truly speaking, I feel really blessed and grateful, whenever I see kindness around me. I have a big Ashram family, who support me and love me unconditionally, and I cannot thank enough my Swami ji and Sri Hari for that. Apart from the ashram family, I have some very loving and supportive friends and some of my teachers.

So, after a long break, or we can call it confusion or a wrong decision or wrong choice, whatever word su­its, I have moved to a totally new city and one of my favourites viz. Chandigarh, for working. I found one awesome organisation’s link on Linkedin and got the job. Truly speaking, I am in love with the interior of the new office. You can check the pictures here .

Ok, let’s share this story of immense grace. I was in the ashram and with the right guidance, I decided, I will work in a CA firm so that I could learn and earn. Actually, I wanted to work and live independently and it was a necessary condition for me. Although I have been working for quite some time now, but there was still some dependency and I wanted to forego that.  Truly speaking, when we get things easily it becomes a  bad habit and we become easy going. I have a big dream in my life and this time I had thought that I was near to progressing towards it, or at least, this is what I thought. It was a shortcut, but universe knows everything. I am even surprised at how Sri Hari has closed that door in his own way but he has opened hundreds of other doors.

So, after deciding the new path, I started looking for a job and I knew that I will get one easily and soon, because of my previous experience. When I was actually getting the job, I prayed to Sri Hari to please let me stay in the ashram till Lohri and my loving best friend heard me. Actually, very next day after Lohri, I had two offers in my hand, and one of them was an actual job. That was quick, Sri Hari, in my heart, I said. Truly speaking, I got a most suitable job, in just one week. That was a miracle. Because, in the Covid situation, people were loosing jobs and I got one in a jiffy.

The next step was to find an independent place to stay in Chandigarh. My new boss was kind enough to help me with the PG too. He gave me the contact number of one of the trainees who helped me in finding a vacant room in her PG. Within two hours, I had a place to stay comfortably. I am actually grateful to Mouktika who made things easy for me. So now, I was feeling scared as to how I will manage in a new office and new living environment.

With that fear, I reached my PG and truly speaking, I found my new roommates very helpful. One of them is younger to me and the other is of my age. When I reached the new office, I was surprised to see the wonderful  environment with everyone being very kind and helpful.

This is just the grace. I am feeling kindness all around me. I have not felt bad even once about this decision, actually I am feeling grateful.

I am grateful to Swami ji, Sadhvi Vrinda ji, Sadhvi Shradha ji, Sushree Nishtha ji, Rajiv uncle, Pankaj Bhaiya and Sidhu family for supporting me and guiding me. Thank you so much for all your kindness and love.

If you have the right support and guidance, you may have to take a pause, but you will never get a full stop!

Keep Smiling,

Thank you,

Riya Om

Editing Credit: Mr. RIS sidhu uncle ji

Image Credit: Pray with confidence

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