That very word fascinated me when i was young and through out my youth , i always was someone who loved fantasies  than i ever did reality so immortality was right up my alley . I was once obsessed with all thing immortal ,oh !! trust me when i say vampires were the top of the list i was fascinated , seriously cringeworthy sentence i do realize it , hey what can i say i was young and immortal love stories really were epic . i went on behind TV shows both western and eastern , mind you there are lots of eastern content too . when i very sadly said goodbye to my twenties , in my thirties i completely did not leave the fascination for the same , i looked in to the Indian mythology and there it was the Chiranjeevi’s of Indian mythology , just like that the obsession came back .

Once while discussing really varied topics with few acquaintance i was thrown a question ” Do you believe in Immortality ” there it was the question that was glaring right at me , taunting me to answer and i wanted an answer the one that would satisfy me and my soul and right there i knew the answer of something that  has fascinated me for so long and trust me this answer just came to me like god whispered in my ears .This is what i said ” Yes i do believe in immortality but definitely not the kind of immortality that mainstream media portrays ( nothing wrong am a huge fan ) , but  the one which is common for us all , i believe al of us are immortals i do believe our Sthoola Sarira ( Physical body ) would perish but the sikshma Sarira ( Soul ) would always remain , the simple truth that i knew all along but just missed it until my dearest god took pity on me . Yes your soul id immortal and even better its a part of the supreme being we call god / Paramatma .  I am a part of god i have a part of him with me and yes i do belive i am immortal , every single one of us are .