Our human civilization has undergone a vast change over several thousand years. One may compare our present society with the ancient society, then one may come to understand the changes that took place in human’s life had a vast effect on the thinking of every individual. But even after all the changes, emotions of an individual remain unaltered. The discoveries and inventions of certain things has made a huge impact on our way of thinking. Beyond all these development, challenge was driving force. Human beings has been accepting the challenges of nature and developed various accessories for its survival. These challenges created strong bonding among the people who worked together for the upliftment of the society. These bonding created emotions of love among masses. It is through these emotions that people get connected to each other. Like minded people started working together, while others involved in criticism which indirectly help in the development of the society.
Society strongly felt the need of leader who can be guiding soul for the masses. These leaders worked for the upliftment of the society. Sooner council was formed to choose leaders among them who were themselves were elected from the public. These council started making laws for the public so the society can be aligned to move in certain direction. Their main purpose was the upliftment of the society. But with the passage of time, loopholes were created. Few people understood those loopholes and started misusing. Due to these loopholes, certain sections of society came into existence. Due to this act, four sections of society came into existence
1) First section- These section of people were psychopath or criminal who were involved in breaking the law made by representatives of the masses. They involved in illegal activities which leads to the detriment of the society.
2) Second categories- These were the poor people or beggars. They were the product of inefficient working of the council. They were brought into the society due to poor decisions of the leader of the society.
3) Third category- Among all the categories of people, these people needed special care. These were were physically and mentally challenged people who needed special attention of the society. They were products of deficiency of love existing among the society. It shows that society is not only disintegrating but also degrading to great extent. Love has totally vanished from emotions of the society. These people were ill-treated. Sometimes exorcism was practised in these people by the so called religious people, which sometimes lead to death of these people. No effective measurements was taken to take care of these people.
4) Fourth category- These category were the religious people . They were either the monks or nuns. These people worked separately for the upliftment of masses without thinking of the benefit of the self. They consider others above self. But their work was based on some faith proposed by their corresponding religion. Either the leaders of these groups were person of high respect or if this was not the case, then some groups of these people started exploitation of the masses for their own benefit. Those people started extracting money or exploiting people in order to satisfy themselves. If their corresponding religious leaders were good and intelligent, then severely action was taken against those people.
All these people came as by-product of the evils of the society. Society totally deviated from its purpose. Instead of upliftment of the society, society went into severe degradation. Every time society tried to climb the ladders, each time it failed. But good news is that it is slowly and slowly moving upwards with the passage of time. Hope with the passage of time, these evil will be eradicated.