We are only a tiny seed
In the grand play of Nature
Oh What chance do we stand
In this mighty world full of glory

Yet we grow and grow
Into a tiny sapling,
Forever growing, into an oak tree we might turn
Or perhaps just a rose

But oh Mighty Nature
Your beauty lies in your weeds too
For with them, we rise to be yours
To flow with you
To love you
And to live in your glory
Seed, weed, and all we need
Lie in You
Our Mighty Nature

If we could see beauty in our weeds too, it would be a different world.
Caged in this body, with a clear window seeing into the world,
What we are within is unknown 
If we were a tree, our leaves, flowers, fruits are exposed to the world
Yet the essence of our existence and the matter within our trunk, were we a tree, remains unseen

But weeds?
Oh weeds!
They intricately find their way around us
Slowly, yet skilfully, they entangle our beauty
Did you know though, that the weeds are our friends, not enemies
Isn’t it through a gap, that weeds grow after all?
The weed, innocently manifesting its existence

Look again my friend
Your weeds are the guide to your soul
Leaves are green, weeds are also green
Yet, the leaves which occur naturally to us, are our strengths
And the weeds which entangle us?
Well, they are our weaknesses,
Only awaiting to be turned into strengths.

Beauty, beauty, beauty – it’s all around
For the weed grows through the sun, as do the leaves
They seep through the window of our soul,
Yet they can help us bloom too
They hold beauty
But, how we see them, lies in who we are
Through the window of your soul, see yourself, see your Self and know yourself.