Do you know someone who is outstanding at a particular skill and everyone seems to sum it up by saying, “they were just born with this natural ability”.

That’s never really sat well with me (and it shouldn’t with you either). While some people are born with natural abilities, effort and practice can also enforce overall skill. So, maybe we should stop chalking it up to being born a superstar. It’s all about growth mindset. 

Growth Mindset suggests that “intelligence and new skills can be developed through effort.” Growth Mindset gives us the opportunity to develop, even in the midst of crisis. Adopting this mindset equips you with the tools to look at criticism as productive feedback and setbacks as starting-blocks.

Just like any other skill or way of thinking, it is going to take practice. Here are some tools that I have found useful in the process of growing my own mind!

1. Cultivate your purpose :-

Understanding your purpose is the foundation that can propel you forward any time you think you might fail.

2. Value the process, not just the end goal :-

The learning process is truly special — and we should place more value in our ability to learn.

3. Don’t be afraid of the word ‘yet’ :-

The next time you fail and want to give up — tell yourself, “I’m not there YET.” This implies that you haven’t reached that goal, but you will!

4. Celebrate your growth with others :-

Celebrate the small things and the big things with those around you — but remember, try not to compare yourself to others because you are valid in your own growth.

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