Hello os.me family, Today I want to share a beautiful poem named ” जल ही जीवन है ” which I studied in 3rd std but I remember it till today because it is a fact of life and our Mam beautifully explained its meaning which is unforgettable….. named”

जल ही जीवन है

जल है तो कल है ।

जल तो है सोना, 

इसे कभी भी नहीं है खोना ।

जल जीवन का अनमोल रतन,

इसे बचाने का करो जतन ।

माता भूमि, पिता है पानी,

यही कह रही है गुरबाणी । 

Meaning :   

This poem has a very simple meaning and it is very easy to understand. This poem indicates that water is our life. It is a basic need for humans and a precious asset that living beings have. Water is equally vital for the survival of the plant and animal kingdom. If there is water then there is a future. We can survive without food for many days but we would not be able to survive without water. Water is gold so we should keep it safe, we can’t afford to lose it. Water is very precious to us so it is our responsibility to save it for our future generations, we should not waste it. Our holy books said that water is life , water is the only way of our survival.

Remember one thing if today we take the water for granted then in future we will not be able to survive and not only us our future generations will also suffer. So learn the importance of water and also awaken its importance in others.   

        Author – Palak Bedi