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With the divine grace of Shri Hari and Om Swamiji, I hope everyone is doing well. Finally, i got time to share a short story on “Importance of Habit”. I stayed with my parents for 4 months after a long time (Working from home due to Covid). I am thankful to Shri Hari for providing this wonderful opportunity to stay with parents for this long since i started working and opportunity to serve them. Let me share the learning i had:

My father was in Indian Air Force. He used to get posted to new place in every 2-3 yrs and didn’t had fixed office hours. Essentially, whenever and wherever fighter planes are scheduled to fly, he needed to server at that time. My father has been a great devotee of Hanuman ji. Since, i remember he has a habit of lighting a lamp in the morning and evening without fail. Before leaving for office be it 4:00 AM, he will make sure that he wakes up early and leave after lighting the lamp. Also, irrespective of the time he comes back (even in mid night), first thing he would do is light up the lamp. When i was young, i used to get angry with my father for not taking rest first and then, light up the lamp. I used to say: Hanuman ji is not waiting for your lamp, Hanuman ji knows your devotion you need not to stress yourself for lighting up the lamp, Your bhakti is not going to reduce if you don’t light up the lamp for one day etc. He used to just laugh and used to ignore my arguments. He used to say, your love for me makes you say all this but i love doing what i am doing.

Now, after many years i got opportunity to stay with my parent for long duration. He still follows the same schedule. We just recollected the instances when i used to complain to him on following this schedule. We had good discussion on this topic of “Habbit”. Let me provide the gist of it: 

  • The habit of lighting of the lamp was not to please Hanuman ji but was my father’s way of doing bhakti. It gave him immense pleasure in lighting the lamp and following the schedule everyday.
  • The schedule helped him to gain great mental strength and helped him to win over mind which keeps on giving reasons to stop doing something.
  • Later this practice, helped him to connect better with Hanuman ji and became a mechanism to get guidance from him in difficult situation.  
  • He said choose any path of devotion but once picked up never give up. Keep doing it without fail.

My father also shared an interesting story:

In office, my father’s team misplaced a file which was a confidential file and was very critical for the Air force inspection committee. My father was given 5 days to find the files else the trail against my father and team would been started for misplacing the highly confidential file. He searched it everywhere but he didn’t find it. He came home and offered his prayer to Hanuman ji and seeked his guidance. In his dream, he exactly saw where the file was kept. He immediately woke up and went to office. He found the file exactly at same place. He told me that before this he had looked at the same place in cabinet multiple time but file was not there. He said Hanuman ji guided him and placed the file there. 

I am thankful to my father that he never got angry with my silly questions and rather, now at right time he explained me the importance of it! He has been my guiding force on my spiritual journey and still guides me. Every time i meet him, i learn something new and the glow on his face explains his spiritual strength! Before i left this time he gave me this prayer which he sings daily:


Important of habit in life 1

May Shri Hari give lot of strength to my father who is my first master in every aspect. Also, Shri Hari gives us all strength and guidance to be on the path of realising him.

Jaisi Hari Iccha!


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