Narayani Namostute!

Jai Sri Hari!

21/12/2022 to 22/12/2022

Wishing you all a Happy New Year, I’m going to start this year by sharing my recent ashram visit. May her grace be with you always…

Most of readers know that I’m from Himachal Pradesh and living in Delhi nowadays. I had to go to ashram from Delhi only, new experience for me. I remember the day when my brother told me to fill the initiation form and to my surprise it got selected. It doesn’t stops here, maybe after this initiation procedure will change, its up to him but one thing is clear whatever Swami Ji is going to do it’ll be for everyone’s wellbeing. 28th October 2022 we all got our initiation forms outcomes. When Sri Suktam post came on 15/10/2022, I read it and realised due to my convocation I couldn’t make it this time. I simply expressed my situation to my lord in my comment to which he replied, let me share my comment and Lord’s reply:

My Comment:

Jai Shri Hari Swami Ji I want to do this sadhana but I’m busy during this sadhana. I have to travel during so I’m not taking upon it… I have to attend my undergraduate convocation ceremony and visit my home town on diwali. I’m sorry for this Swami. Maybe that’s Maa’s icchha. I’ll do Kartik Surya sadhana by your grace only. And also some chants of Sri Suktam on daily basis when everyone will be in sadhana. Need your blessings Lord.

My Lord’s reply:

Congratulations on your graduation, beta. Also hope you know that you can do the sadhana via the app at your convenience from anywhere.

My request got accepted and now I started planning my visit to ashram. Finally I booked from 23/12/2022 to 26/12/2022 but wait I want one more day in ashram, with less people to absorb the experience, so I booked one more day 22/12/2022 to 23/12/2022. I may sound crazy in this but let me complete these posts you’ll get to know this all was Mother Divine’s beautiful plan.

Being as student I’m not earning right now and visiting ashram for five days is going to cost around 20000 INR (overall). I had some savings but that’s not enough, my brother did all bookings for me and when it came to travel expenditure, one of Swami Ji’s beautiful Devotee Shibanka Om Bhaiya he booked my ticket from Delhi to Solan along with him and he paid for taxi as well. I was grateful to Maa for helping me in this. I told Bhaiya to book 11:00pm Volvo from Delhi. He sent me ticket and I saw my name in that and kept it saved in gallery. On 21st afternoon I went to Chandani Chowk to purchase some Dupattas for Mother Divine. I talked to some devotees few weeks back and told them I want to give something to Maa and I wish if she could wear it on same days when I’ll be at ashram and they said there are very less chances for this because already there are so many devotees offering dupattas and sarees, you just give it and wait for few days, you’ll come to see in upcoming weeks. That’s not bad actually. I purchased three Dupattas, one for Mother, one for Sri Hari and one for my Guru.

I came back to my PG room, I washed them immediately because I thought so many people touched them and how can I offer this to Maa, I washed them, ironed them and packed. Then I started my packing as my bus was at 11:00pm so I had enough time with me. Around 8:30 pm I checked my ticket to see the seat number and boom, what? Why it is 22:00 written in departure time section? It means 10:00 pm right? No! No! No! I’m still not finished with packing, I finished my packing as soon as possible. It generally takes around 45 minutes from my place to reach ISBT Kashmere Gate. I let my room at 9:15 pm all I was doing was praying to Swami Ji, please please don’t let me miss the bus. I’m sorry for not being mindful. I thought Bhaiya has booked the volvo for time which I told him. But luckily I reached on time, 9:55pm. 

I met Shibanka Bhaiya and few other Devotees and boarded on the bus. We reached Solan at 5:10 am and our cab came at 5:30 am. We boarded on our cab and started our journey towards Ashram, on the way to ashram, when everyone else was sleeping (not driver uncle), I meditated on Mother Divine. When we took the right turn to ashram from Giripul adventure started. What a beautiful road, I was wondering, how I came to ashram on my 110cc Jupiter scooty. After few kilometer when it was dawn time, a beautiful rabbit came in front of our cab, due to extreme light he was panicked, but he joined us in our journey and just few kilometers before ashram he went in to the bushes, it was like a sweet child of Mother Divine was showing us the way.

We reached ashram at 6:59 am. When we took our luggage out of the cab, the first Shankha Dhwani came from temple. By the third, I was inside the temple, attending Aarti of Bhagwan. Perfect timing. As soon as Aarti finished I came outside of the temple and met Mata Rani for the very first time, in her long coat she was looking amazing. After Aarti I took bath and again came to temple to meditate, I didn’t realised that it’s been more 1 hour since I’m in temple meditating on Bhagwan and I missed my breakfast, (Ye nahi ki Bhagwan me dhyan lag raha, ye jaroori tha ki khana miss ho gaya, Hahahaha)) I talked to Sadhvi Ji and told her that I brought something for Bhagwan and she said leave it on donation box Raghu Swami will take it, I was about to say that I want if it is possible that Bhagwan wear them in upcoming days but before that Sadhvi Ji left and I didn’t disturbed her because she was in deep meditation state. Then I came back to office for check-in procedure and Vasudev Ji called somebody and told them to arrange some food for me, such a humble soul he is. After checking in I came to Male Dormitory. Then I met another devotee, Shakti Ji, he joined me and we went to Giri Ganga after having our lunch, we travelled for almost a kilometer along Giri Ganga, good for digesting our food and burn some calories.

Then we came back and he went to his room, I took a nap because I had to attend Lalita Sahasranama. After lalita Sahasranama I went to coffee shop and had some hot coffee. Tahira Dee was in silence but loved her presence. then we had our dinner and Mata Rani came for dinner too. I touched her feet and see said, It’s cold here, I said, Yes Mata Rani and then she started talking about Swami Ji on her own, I didn’t asked Mata Rani because I know many people ask her to say something about Swami Ji, his childhood days but I thought I shouldn’t disturb her and let her enjoy her dinner but she is Maa, she blessed us and share beautiful incidents of Swami Ji’s childhood for 10 minutes.

Now it was time for evening aarti. After aarti when Sadhvi Ji was distributing prasadam, Sushree Diya Om Ji came and said Abhishek Ji you are here, she said that she recognised my face, I was so happy. After this I sang a Bhajan for Bhagwan. Mata Rani also joined us and Mata Rani told Raghu Swami Ji to sing as well. Wow Raghu Swami JI doesn’t sings frequently but I heard his beautiful voice. I was having a blissful time but it doesn’t stops here. After Bhajan, Raghu Swami Ji closes Sanctum Sanctorum and then the temple but today temple was not closed. Someone is here, wow its Diya Ji, she was practicing some Bhajans with Abhinav Bhaiya and Divya Dee. I joined them and Shakti Bhaiya joined us too. We sang Bhajans for Bhagwan and some English songs too. Diya Ji’s energy is so pure, she is full of life. After two hours session I chanted a stotram for Maa and we called it a day. We came back to sleep.

Wait for next parts…. Many more to come…

Narayani Namostute!