In 2013 something happened that changed my life forever.

At this time, I was living in Delhi. One late night and when I say late night, I am mean 2:00 AM around, I returned after watching a movie.

At that time, I was standing on the balcony of my accommodation and smoking a cigarette when I started bawling like a child, just repeating two questions over and over again. 

“Bhagwan aap kaun ho?” (God who are you?)

“Yadi aap ho to app mere samane aaoge?” (If you are there, then you would come in front of me.)

When I heard a loud voice telling me to look up, there was the symbol of Om etched in the cloud. 

I was shocked and went off to sleep. I did share this with my psychologist, and she called it irrational. 

I traced a thought I had after I had failed in ninth grade. After reading Economics, I started questioning everything. 

I realized the statue of the god in the temple is not the primary form of the god. That day I decided that one day I would see god.

My life is full of such examples. My life after that became a living hell, and to this day, it is. 

I just want to know what is my end game and I have found the way upon which I walk. I can become a Raja yogi, which is the only way for me to know what my life is going to be.

Is there any other way  or someone who can guide me.