I Offer  my humble Obeisance to you Rev. Sri. Sri. Om Swamiji🕉🙏🌹on this auspicious day of Guru Purnima🙏 Koti Koti Naman 🙏 Jai Sri Hari🙏🕉

It’s been few months I have been away from this auspicious platform . Shifting base from Canada to India, catering to everything single-handedly with a bit of health issue did slow me down.

The best bit probably Divine willed , that I need to know myself better… and as luck would have it my contact data got erased and I could not get back to many wonderful  people I knew  in India. Life surely, was on a journey again… 

It’s only when my Son flew down from London for a couple of weeks last month and helped me do up the apartment ( I somehow wasn’t interested in anything ) things felt a bit comforted. Probably it was his presence ( it was almost after four years) that uplifted me . There would be moments that would dip in blankness and then there were times I would feel all charged up with this sudden surge within to not give up doing what I liked. But at all given moments I knew I had to get up and get moving.

I knew something kept awakening me slowly and slowly for days. Divinity surely was testing me. There were times I felt motivated and then there was this whole chaos that would play up and nullify all that was so positive around.

I was not paying attention to days or dates too much , but a sweet message in the morning reminded me it’s Guru Purnima today. It felt good , it felt overwhelming , but that’s that.

Evening came, I had my meals by 6 p.m. Switched on the television , but soon the sacredness within this mind sent a message to me to perform Yagya. ( Homa ceremony) 

“ How can I do it now!” said another chaotic voice of the intimidating mind .

“Since when did the mind started to rule me”…. just get up and do it! The inner battles of these two creations started. This has been a familiar scene I have been witnessing for the past few months in many scenarios. At times the good mind wins but at times it’s like a long delay. 

I immediately got everything ready , and sat down for my Hawan in my balcony. It was mesmerising, it was peaceful … I had no clues about the time… and just as I got over with it, the doorbell rang.

It was the delivery guy from Amazon, and what I received in the pack was something that blew my mind completely. I got two books of Om Swamiji ( that I had ordered a couple of days ago, and was complete clueless of its receiving date) “If Truth Be Told” and “The Big Questions Of Life”.

I have had these books with me wherever I travelled .

I was numb for few mins, but a wave of strength consolidating my very being that my Guru’s presence that is so powerfully prevalent in my life is helping me at every step. “There is no fear!”

There was something within me that seemed to just open up and I thought of penning this experience to my Gurudev Om Swamiji on His beautiful platform.

I am gathering myself and feel that there are miles to go and serve before this Soul of mine departs…. I feel Swamiji helped me debrief today with his presence to get back  in my duty towards the Self.

Sharing some beautiful words by Kathryn “ Sometimes, courage is about more than choosing a brave course of action. Rather than performing brave deeds, courage may involve living bravely, even as life ebbs. Or it may involve embarking on a conversation that feels very uncomfortable, and yet enables someone to feel accompanied in their darkness, like ‘a good deed in a naughty world’.

Thank you for showing up Sri. Om Swamiji… You are the reason for me today writing here, after a long gap…🙏🕉 Gratitude🙏🕉

Blessed times to my OS family and dear readers.

Jai Sri Hari 🕉🙏