In our human nature

Heaping on judgements 

We get overwhelmed 

And in our human nature

It is a great indulgence


In our human nature

Intentionally, or Not

We all feign at times

Yet in our human nature

It is how we relate


Do not get angry Do not lie

Do not hurt Do not cry

More talking and less listening

If we can have a balance

There is harmony


There is a heart in Us

It beats…lup…dup…lup

It feels for “Me” and “Mine”

From Others though

Expectations may be otherwise


“I” have ears to listen eyes to see

At times “I” hear my own tune

Some times… of others

At times “I” see my own image

Sometimes… the real


You are alone and I am alone

In our body and in our minds

What joins us Is the Sense of “Us”

What separates us is the Sense of “I”

And Somewhere mid lies our relation…