•Banish fear.

•Be open! Open your mind.

•Close your eyes, pray and meditate.

•Connect to the Source, as Origin has never misguided anyone!

•Dissolve the barriers you erect.

•Do guided imagery.

•Emotionally stable. No major mood swings.

•Exercise your faith muscle.

•Experiment. If you’re not feeling spiritual at your Baptist church, check out a kirtan (Indian chanting with music), a Buddhist dharma talk, a yoga class, a synagogue, a Catholic mass, a Unitarian church, a Sweat Your Prayers dance program– whatever. Try things out. See what helps you feel connected spiritually.

•Focusing on what you appreciate can help you feel more spiritually connected.

•Forgive to self before forgiving to others!

•Get quiet.

•Go with the flow.

•Intolerance is a spirituality killer.

•It’s hard not to feel the presence of the Divine when you’re admiring grandeur of mountains, deserts, streams, oceans, lakes, forests, wild animals, and gardens.

•It’s hard to feel connected to the Divine when you’re feeling angry, bitter, defensive, victimized, or regretful.

•It’s hard to feel the presence of a higher power when you’re buzzing through to-do list all day, night.

•Let go, practice.

•Let nature awe you.

•Listen for guidance from the Universe. 

•Live in gratitude.

•Make time.

•No longer play the victim and instead design your destiny.

•Release be open.

•Slow down.

•Stare at ocean.


•You aren’t lonely or disconnected, even when you’re alone.

•You catch you judging other people and ask yourself to stop.

•You don’t feel afraid of making wrong decision because you know there’s a lesson in each failure.

•You don’t feel like you must explain your lifestyle to others.

•You have the courage to let go of bad relationships.

•You love life because you’re living a good purpose.

•You no longer hide from world because of fear of judgment. You are who you are and embrace that.

•You notice life’s details more. Colors are vibrant, tastes our powerful, and beauty is everywhere.

•You spend a bit of time every day in silence reflecting on yourself and your life.

•You’re able to express your needs with confidence.

•You’re contributing to world around you and giving as generous soul.

•You’ve realized that freedom and happiness are cultivated from within.

•Your soul is happy, and you’ve found plenty of time to have fun and dream.

Over and above in all, there is a feeling of invisible SMILE fragrance, as roots encapsulate to the Origin, source provided you encapsulate to it!

Gratitude with smile!


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