I have a deep desire,
To see and be the vast sky.

But I can’t see as clouds come by,
Clouds of love, clouds of lust,
Clouds of infinite thoughts and desires.

I sit and thought to fight them away,
Every war I lose by,
As how could even I reach them by.

If now through fight then I fleet away,
But they chase me by and by,
Oh Gosh! How could even I free by?

Exhausted I look at me,
Through me, I look at them,
They come and pass by,
Through no fight and no flight.

Slowly slowly they fade by,
Revealing the vast sky spread by,
Blessed I look at it,
Through it, I look at me.

P.S: Again just writing the P.S to make the word limit reach 150 to post the poem, anyway in this meaningless poem if you intend to find the meaning behind it then just read the “Mind, Thought and Actions” section in ‘A million thoughts’.


Photo by Lisa from Pexels