I pay my gratitude to my God father for making me read this blog “os.me Digest: Of Inaction” so that once again I, his lazy daughter who was in inaction mode these days like the elephant in the featured image, can become active about my passion for writing.

Yes I’m writing this blog on the last date to participate in The WriteChoice competition till 11:54pm just to apply the rule “Do it now”. Look at the motivation I got from the above mentioned blog. Thankyou os.me😊

Though I am sincere about my duties but I am suffering with the bad habits of laziness and Procrastinating the tasks where my personal growth is concerned.Β 

I think myself a really lucky child of the supreme power God who takes care of this lazy creature he has sent on this earth. God sent my friend to get me apply for job interviews when I was totally in my inaction mode after completing my PG, and I got the job.Β 

He sent someone to ask and motivate me to rejoin my teaching profession at the time my first daughter was just six months old and I was just not thinking to take any action about my professional life. I thank God again and again as it was a great opportunity for me and I got selected for permanent lecturer post.Β 

Again in my professional career I am in inaction mode about my own promotions and my loving father(God) is continuously sending his angels(my college colleagues) to motivate me to take action for my promotion and also I am getting messages from here and there to get active about my writing passion.

Today after reading “Of Inaction” Blog, I have decided that I won’t bother my God father again in my life with my Inaction. The most important resolution for me for the upcoming year 2022, which is approaching in almost 75 days is to overcome of my biggest challenges, procrastination and being inactive.

Thankyou os.me

Thanks Universe

Thankyou so much my God father!Β 

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