Part 2 

There are many things that you don’t teach to your kids. Name it and you might realise how much is left to be done. Remember if you shy from teaching the essentials to them and keep assuming that they are mature to pick up the good things, you are delusional. You forgot how adults these days are worst than kids. There are things to learn everywhere, especially with the inquisitive mind of children; learning from their peers, some of their friends might teach them how to do some innocent stealing, crying in front of you until you yield to give them money without much fuss and any sense of accountability. Then you will wonder how your kids turned out this way. Obviously he/she will turn this way, because you didn’t teach them, but someone else did! 

Small Comparison, on left you have things they do when they are kids versus how these will turn into when they are grown ups:

  • Lame and hurtful pranks (jokes about hair, attire, skin color,..) V Judging and condemning others based on their profession, education, race or attire.
  • Making false promises a habit V Procrastination; just talks and no action.
  • Cartoon Network V Smartphone addition.
  • Excessive Snacks & Sweets V Diabetes, High/Low blood pressure.

The path itself was wrong. When the house is badly built, you either bring the whole thing down or you do serious renovations. Bringing the whole thing down is for monks who live like no one else. We can only commit to serious renovations of our mindset and press the reset button. 

Morale of all this prep talk: Change your habits, Change your personality

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🙏🏼Hari Om🙏🏼