When I look up on an early morning
Frigid as the black ice covering roads
Farther north, coming from a land above,
The morning sky is inky black. Black as night
Though ticking clocks proclaim it day.
Light is yet to grace this morning
But I suppose it fades away somewhere
Far away, perhaps if I were to dig a hole
Straight through the Earth I would get to
Someplace with daylight, though by then
It would be nighttime there, and I would
Be left to wait the same way I am now.
So it may be better just to wait here,
In peace and undisturbed, nobody
To point out the flaws in staying
Idle. For an idle mind is the devil
But my mind is never idle,
It is perhaps unfortunate.
So let me stay.

* * * * *

I’m really interested to know your thoughts and interpretations of this poem!