Blog – inner Engg, of mind
Mind is the intellectual faculty of brain , it has unlimited space ( Ram in computer language ) the activity of mind also depends on the size and wt. of brain , normally in human being , it is 1400 grams ( 1.4 Kg ) , in elephant , it is higher therefore , elephant remembers 100 yrs old data .
It is your own creation of using your mind , So your mind which should have been a ladder to the divine , is stumbling through endless mediocrity and , on some occasion, has become a straight stairway to hell .
In life it is very important not to open the mouth unless until the situation demands otherwise to will take to hell ( I have experienced in my life ) basically it is the use of mind in the journey of life , all my activity is attributed to my mind function / inner Engg .
Example :
On a certain day , a bull was grazing on the field , he went to deep in the forest , and after grazing the lush grass became nice and fat . A lion who was past his prime and having difficulty in hunting his preys , saw this nice fat bull , pounced on him , killed him and ate him . With great satisfaction , he roared , a few hunters were passing by , they heard the roar and tracked him down and shot him dead
The moral of story is when you are so full of bull , you should not open the mouth .. The opening of mouth is also one of the activity related to mind .