Life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology you never got- Robert Brault



It is never too late to give yourself the love, comfort, and time you deserve. Life can be challenging, and things can be tricky, yet we have to face it and take the best course.

We can be at

·         Self-denial

·         Self-doubt

·         Self-criticism

·         Self-hate

·         Self-motivate

·         In love with ourself

But negative emotions are indeed more powerful than positive ones. We get hurt

·         Physically

·         Emotionally

·         Financially

And it is emotional hurt that takes the most time to heal. It is when we accept someone to

·         Support us

·         Stand by our side

But if by any means that cant we feel bad for those people, we try to find faults in that person, and we can be negative and think the most unthinkable.

Why is it so challenging for us to forgive the person who has not done what we supposed them to do for us, why is it so tough to just let go of those emotions which make us weak, why is it that we can’t just move on and don’t think about the episodes which have taken place in our life?

Life is too short to keep grudges and live with hatred; just let go of anything that makes you put on that extra baggage and be free. Travel with minimum luggage if you want to enjoy the tour, and life is also a tour that we can only enjoy if we have minimum baggage.