People in this world try hard

To be peaceful inside..


The great grand purpose

But they are unable to achieve this peace..

To be peaceful inside

One need to meditate..

 Cultivate positive thoughts in their mind..

Stop rustling in their inner world..

Paying no heed to negativity..

More importantly

Have firm faith in God..

When this flame is ignited

All darkness goes away..


When we meditate

We fumble and baffle  

But don’t be upset

Because of

Never-ending thoughts coming in mind


For not able to be calm & serene inside..


Man’s inner world is like a ocean..

On the surface

There are huge waves and gigantic tides..

But as one go deep into the ocean

One will find silence, tranquility,

Serenity and soothing peace…


Similarly, as you go deep into meditation

Reciting the name of beloved lord and

Totally absorbed, immersed

And drowned in him..

Forgetting the outside world..

Slowly overcoming the huge waves

Of thoughts in your mind

And instilling faith in soul..


Than one will find soothing silence

Serenity in mind body and soul.



Jai Sri Hari 🙏🌸


~Neelam Om