It’s always easy to point at others talk about their failures and success, discuss their misdeeds and leads, approximately everything about others, but it is very difficult to introspect. 

As heard a Quote once 

Simple people discuss about things, average people about people, 

Great people discuss about ideas.  

So it depends on what you are thinking today. 

Things, people or ideas. 


When a person is on a journey they need to pack their bags accordingly as the journey needs support. The destination plays an important role, the area, it’s climate and geographical conditions. Wherein when the journey is towards inner self, it is much of an intellectual packing of what to do, when to do, why to do, how to do, and for what to do. 

Thus, it becomes quite tough to walk on this journey of self introspection as it is tough to doubt yourself l, question yourself and find errors in oneself. 

Still in the start it is a good walk up the hill, but slowly the track becomes tough the thoughts become stronger, the questioning become more logical. Like the woods in the jungle become more dense, but what matters is you need to keep going. 


And when you cross the dense forest the beauty of the nature starts to unfold and journey within becomes more rewarding. Not ignoring the fact that when we reach the top, the view is breath taking. 


So the takeaway is, Whatever the destination may be, if you don’t enjoy the journey you won’t enjoy the end. 


Sorry wrote it in mobile so alot of mistake would be there.