I am a jovial kid trapped in a body of a 27 yrs old. My normal is literally gliding through the entire house and making everyone dance in the process. If I dont do that, it is a red signal for my family. But time and again, my close friends and oldies of my house keep asking me to stay calm and balanced.
Everytime I am ecstatic seeing a little bird feeding her kiddo, my grandma would say “Stay calm! And pray to God that may no amount of sadness ever befall on you. Pray so that He may always keep you happy. Stay balanced!”

Humans! How terribly we fear sadness and yet almost 98% of the population is sad and lonely inside! They may pretend that they are happy but the truth is that all our lives we just keep chasing happiness. Why can’t we be like a child and just be true to our ownselves? Why don’t we express what we actually feel?

We are all working through a place of fear deeply embedded in us, fear of losing what we have. It is natural though. As a race, we have struggled a lot. Fear-based thinking is but natural by-product of this evolution.

But with a little contemplation, we will realise that we ultimately belong to Swamiji and our Isht. If any adverse situation has touched our lives, it has to be by their will. And no, I don’t think such situations are punishment of any kind. The Lord has better things to do than to punish us. (S)he is known as KarunarasSagara in Lalita Sahasranama! The one who is the Ocean of Compassion. Swamiji and our Isht have allowed the pain in our lives so as to aid in our soul-growth, our journey to the Absolute. Eveything good or bad is nothing but a stepping stones on the Path to our Real Self.

But we often mistake the state of Sthit-Pragya to the state of indifference. I believe Sthit-Pragya isn’t something we consciously do. We can’t just bang our heads on a wall and say, “Like a breeze!”, can we?

Sthit-Pragya is something we achieve gradually. And to reach that state, there can be as many number of the ways as there are seekers! Like, Ramkrishna stayed in Devi Bhaav all the time. He wasn’t indifferent. Was He? When he was sad, He used to share it with Her. When He was happy, He used to rejoice with Her. I never read any anecdote from His life where He was like, “See, man! I am sad but it is all the play of the mind and so I will pretend not to be affected by it!”

Putting it in simple words, if I pinch you, you will feel the pinching. Just that, when we start seeing the good and the bad as His will and be strong in our faith that He has our back, that He is bearing it all with us, good or bad, sad or happy, we start to remain in His Bhaav and gradually, we reach the state where emotions don’t effect us anymore. We learn to see His play in everything. We become a mere witness to the Grand Cosmic Play. We become a Sthit-Pragya.

So, I rejoice (and I agree I do that beyond the limits of sanity) all the time knowing that the Lord is behind everything and the Lord IS everything. When every situation be it sad or happy, is just His play, when He Himself is the grand reason behind everything, what can possibly harm us in the three worlds! Everything is Him! Where is the room for fear, disgust, anger, attachment then?  We are forever safe. Fear ends where Love starts. Being insanely happy engulfed in this realisation almost all the time is my way towards realising The State. Discover yours! 🙂

I am no seer or saint and currently in no position to talk about such a mighty word from the Lord’s Book but going absolutely by the teachings of Swamiji, if it makes you a better and kinder person, it is a good belief.

Love and Light!

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