Continuing and answering a few questions from the last post, here are ten more points:

  1.  Ashu ji asked a question ” If god exists then why so much Injustice”.  Injustice exists because, we, humans created it. We hurt, we cheat, we lie. It’s simply the law of karma.
  2. Saying that, Law of karma isn’t something very difficult to understand. As I know it, it’s just the consequences of our own collective actions.
  3. For example, If you stepped on a banana peel, you will slip and fall no matter if you kept it there or not. So blaming god Because you slipped is pointless because god isn’t punishing you. You are just experiencing the consequences of collective karma.
  4. God cannot make you stop from slipping by holding you in mid air because that’s against the forces of nature. And as swami ji says, mother nature is mother divine. What god can do, is lessen your pain.
  5. This net of maya (ignorance) is what gives rise to karma and creates the world as we know it. Karma is the moving force of our world. If nobody is involved in any karma then our world cannot operate. Water must evaporate to rain, Change is inevitable for moving forward. And when we initiate a change, we create karma.
  6. Once we move past the Maya, karma stops affecting us. Our real self is not affected by karma, it’s not good or bad either. It just is.
  7. If his grace wishes, we’ll be able to see the clear distinction between the reality and the illusion that we call our world.
  8. We have created a measurement for ourselves and called it “time” so that we could keep a track of past, present and future. But in reality, there is no past and future but only present.
  9. If there was nothing called “time” then things and people just came and went like a movie on the canvas of consciousness. If we think about the billion year universe then our lives start and end within the blink of an eye. 
  10. Just theory might not make much sense at the moment but experiencing even a single moment of truth is better than living in a hundred years of lie.


Everything I know is only by his grace.

Har Har Mahadev