There are people who go on thinking that if they had made the world it would have been a better world. If they had made the world they would have done this and they would have done that. There would have been no disease, there would have been no death, there would have been no ugliness, there would have been no stupidity. And it looks so logical: yes, if a world is there where no disease exists, how beautiful it will be!

But do you know? – if there is no disease, there will be no health either.

Do you know? – if there is no ugliness, there will be no beauty either.

Do you know? – if there are no thorns, there will be no flowers either.

Do you know? – if there is no death, there will be no life either.


You cannot have a life without death. And if you could have a life without death it would be utterly boring; there would be no way to get rid of it.

A story is told of Alexander the Great when he came to the East. He had heard that in the desert there was a certain cave he was going to pass where there was a small pond of nectar. If you drank that nectar you would become immortal.


And the story is beautiful. Alexander reached there and entered the cave. He was so tremendously happy – just think of the happiness if you had been in his place! The nectar was there: just a moment more and he would be immortal. He cupped his hands, and just as he was going to drink, a crow who was sitting on the rock said, “Wait, just a minute!”


Alexander was surprised – a crow speaking? He asked, “What do you want to say?”

The crow said, “Just one thing, that’s why I am sitting here. I have drunk from this pool: now I am here for millions of years. I want to die. The only idea that persists in me, twenty-four hours, is that of death. I want to get rid of this rotten body, but I cannot. I have tried but nothing succeeds. I have taken poison but it won’t do. I have fallen from the mountains, it won’t do. I have entered into fire, it won’t burn. Now there is no way to die – and I am tired.


“Just think: for millions of years, I have to go on doing the same repetitive nonsense every day. And there is no hope even in the future. I will never be able to die, I cannot commit suicide, and I am tired of life! So now this is my mission: I sit here to prevent other people.”


And it is said that Alexander thought for a moment, dropped the idea of drinking the nectar and rushed out of the cave – afraid that he might be tempted to drink it.


Osho, Unio Mystica – Talks on Hakim Sanai’s “The Hadiqa”, Vol 1, Ch 9 (excerpt)

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