Yes, “Interbloom” is the name of our start-up. Those of us who know about Swami wouldn’t be surprised why I love this name so much. It’s a small e-commerce business of stationery and home decor.

Varun, my co-founder and best friend came up with this name. Of course, he got the inspiration for this whole business (including the name) from Swamiji, his ideals and teachings.

It’s been a great journey working with him on this project. Honestly, I would give 90% credit to him for building this from scratch. And obviously, 10% is grace. I have witnessed it, learned a lot, grown a lot, understood a lot about the business world out there, and how similar it is to our day-to-day relationships with people!

So, here I am… Asking you all, my dear friends to check out our website. I would looovveee to know your valuable feedback, how we can improve, what can be made better… and one more thing — which one is your favourite design?

Lastly, if you like something for yourselves or your loved ones… do get it. It’ll make our business grow and would help all of us spread love, good vibes and kindness to the world. 

Sharing the link to the website here : Interbloom

Also here’s the Instagram page.

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