Sitting in his office Marc is wrapping up for the day.

What time is it? I need to finish this report before picking up the children from school.
It is getting late.
I am hungry, what are we going to have for supper tonight. Pasta sounds good.
I remember that delicious pasta dish when we were in Italy last summer.
Loved our road trip. Would like us to do that again.
May be a nice walk with the dogs after dinner will be good.
I wonder what we will eat tonight. Not leftovers again. Definitely pasta.
I need to finish up this report.
Check on the state of patient X.
Let Janet call this patient first thing in the morning.
Janet looked tired today. Too much work not enough sleep.
I am tired.
Need to call Karen before I leave.
I hope it is not raining tonight.

A challenging and interesting exercise. Just a few minutes in the mind of a fictive character.