Interpersonal relationships

Even though our lives are on auto-play, we find something lacking somewhere. Deep within the realms of our emotions and desires we try to find meaning and purpose. The plan is to braid these with our living reality in the form of successful relationships.

We all have interpersonal relationships. Some wither away and some get stronger by the day. So what’s the magnet which makes us want to hold on to everlasting and fulfilling relationships? Let’s look at an example from our myriad associations and interactions.

My friend Danny is a fairly popular guy amongst his friends. Every time he would meet up with his friends, he would hardly get to spend time with them because he would be caught up with work related phone calls. He would try to chat up in between those calls but would miss much of the banter and fun. Gradually his friends began to ignore him and a few even gave him the silent treatment. Not being available showed him how little they valued him and he was eventually left without any friends. This went on for a few months until he decided to put in efforts to right the ship to balance work and friends.

Isn’t the balancing act really the recipe for success? Can’t we put on the brakes before it’s too late?

We are not designed to unstitch ourselves from the fabric of interpersonal relationships. We simply make the mistake of locking up our consciousness deep within the realms of our psyche. At such a time, I am reminded of my friend  who always says, “We are our choices, aren’t we?”  Question is, is it ever too late to make ours?