Personal Testimony for the effectivity of RARE – Reinforce, Act, Reflect, Evaluate

Since the launch of BL5, I took up the first 11 days of RARE experience, followed meticulously. With unshakable divine beacon & spiritual pillar of life backing up the framework. I was just very very confident, pandemic has shaken me to the core especially in aspects which I personally felt I am confident & comfortable in it.

Well first few days of RARE were rarely taxing (since excitement to do, a NEW way was there). But, as and when I started into Journaling, Evaluate aspects. I was blown away, by the methodical & scientific approach to getting juice out of our sanity & worldly approach of leading our life (more of fact-based & impetus from the external environment). Personally I started feeling more grounded & anchored towards personal emotions, gratitude, clarity of life, and feelings. (and many more practical words to express). This is just the tip of the iceberg, I know.

Let me share a little more detail, why I got so much excited to even write it up.

With RARE, fell in love, right away. That’s what was one of the missing pieces of the puzzle for me. With RARE, experience has come into the forefront, and so is the outcome of the efforts. There are many puzzle piece which I feel for me are yet to be identified.

The mindful impact of thoughts & “Intuition” – (which comes in one short keyword from Super Consciousness to us, in form of arrows).

Generally, in these lockdown days, we as a family have lunch together, and little siesta by 2:30-3:30 ish. I was in my own routine with the small acts of eating Raisin (Mindfully) and/or a chocolate piece. After the activity, I remembered a student of mine, she was counseled & taught (Physics) by me a year ago. She was preparing for her medical exams then.

She had some bitter experience (as she mentioned) and talked to me over messaging very harshly and even challenging the true intent of service provided to her. And I was partly blamed for her harshness. I just didn’t reply then (a year ago). Since then very often I thought about the message from her and subsequently did forgive her for misunderstanding me & myself too.

Yet somehow I remembered her after a long time today after mindful activity. I came to my office cum study cum kids room after lunch and her name popped up in my head and I was drawn to open my messaging app, and I did open the app.

Saw messages, one was from an unknown number, you know to my utter surprise, it was her personal message asking for forgiveness to me. (Stating “Micchami Dukkadam“), tears rolled down my eyes. It was such a blissful relief for me, to forgive and be pardoned by a young soul. And clear the air of misunderstanding.

I just could not understand, how come, what happened… then I just prayed to Shri Hari & thanked profusely to Om Swamiji for helping me see through and develop Intuition & catch those keywords as well. And practically see the cosmos in action.

Similarly, another intuition was to share this personal testimony too, right after Teacher’s day.

The mindful impact of RARE on a daily routine is very very visible & tangible (we are so used to of all tangible proofs for everything), I look for keywords popping here and there in my head & have kept a notepad moving around with me in the entire home. I scribble that in the note pad & think upon, try to do the same day.

RARE is a really very rare GEM, true scientific and effective, result-oriented gist of Om Swamiji’s grace on us. Working to enhance my humble sadhana to excel & be closer to the path leading me to supreme consciousness.

Thank You for reading my post, pardon my mistakes, and support me with your kindness.

Jai Shri Hari !!!

Image Credit: CC0 Public Domain