A n amazing year is coming to an end. Surprised with the words ‘amazing’! Yes, it is written deliberately and intentionally. Why? if you have ever done wall-gazing or being drifted by mindfulness, you must realise one simple aspect of your life – the lessons that year has taught to you is really incomparable to any other yesteryears‘ lessons. Now you got it right. Seat back, fasten your belt and think what are lessons you have learnt in this year which has made this year a remarkable one. My list is endless. Let’s share mine first.

Life is a continuous process, there is neither success nor failure. It is just moving from one situation to another, realising the fact that everything is impermanent, transient and empty. It is just how you are carrying yourself through these situations without causing harm to yourself and to others, and gracefully. This is art of living.

There is nothing like long-lasting happiness. This is also a condition of mind where you FEEL you are happy. Why you are happy, there is no reason behind it. I am happy. Such happiness evolves around your mind, involves your feeling and dissolves your emotions. As a whole you feel you are happy. In your happiness all sort of worries, troubles get dissolved into it. As an outcome you feel happy. Such happiness certainly stems from three basic preconditions of mind – mindfulness, kindness and a tremendous sense of gratitude.

How much work and earnings are important in your life? Do we earn for living or we live for earning? How much discomfort can we bear while living in a comfortable world? Since majority of the time we work, we always thought of earning for better living. We spent 10-12 hrs working hard, toiling day and night to earn for comfortable living. In the process, it gives much discomfort when don’t get the desired result. Life becomes burdensome as it is not fulfilling the expectations, of ourselves and also its associates. So, we forget to live our life as life becomes worrisome. Now try to earn for living and not live for earning. How much is required for decent living and fulfilling responsibilities? It’s much less than you earn. Adjust your earnings as per the needs, take care of your relations and money will take of itself.

What’s your idea? Let’s share yours and enrich us through your realisations.

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