My Paternal grandmother was a head mistress and wife of a Gazetted Government employee who use to take all her salary in a joint common account and manage all house hold expenses and savings for building an own house in a metropolitan city which they had migrated to.She whole life had a grudge that she couldn’t buy her desired Saree or jewelry even when she was financially independent ( or was she?) , On the other hand my Maternal grandmother was a very smart non earning house wife who usually had an objection on her husband spending without consulting her on greedy relatives who use to with their sweet talks convince him.My Maternal grandfather s answer was,when I provide you and the kids enough it’s my earning and I may spend it on any one I want and I am not answerable to even inform you for same. Another freind who was a lawyer and now is a house wife to raise kids complains to me regularly how her corporate employee husband has not included her name in any of his bank accounts though he runs the house but she feels so insecure!Most of my high earning freinds complain their husbands contribute nothing in house hold expenses and kids fees.Another friend confided in me the other day her husband bought clothes for his sister’s son from their joint account without informing my freind who toils hard in her job! Such complex is this material world.Now my question is my family, what should be my advice  to a young office junior of my husband who is about to get married on financial bank account handling and sharing with her husband? Should a couple have a joint account, joint expenses? Are they answerable to each other for how much loan they give to a freind/ relatives from their earning?