How often do we look at the life of people around us and think that I wish this was my life or i wish i was in his/her place?

We all have done this. Because since childhood we know the importance of comparison. (Remember for our parents and teacher some  sharma ji ka beta was always better than us). However we were not taught to see them as inspiration, we were only taught to imitate them.

Once, I along with my friends, went for a lunch to a super rich friend of ours for the first time. Her house decor was just like any Karan Johar’s movie set. Once we returned all of us were so impressed. But i observed all my other friends (four to be precise) were stressed and restless because they thought their own house was not well decorated, is lacking the energy, vibration and they needed to do something about it and all of them in some or the other way renovated their house and furniture in two weeks time and felt better. I was the only one who didn’t even move a single peace of furniture from its place in my house:)

In recent times, we look at the Facebook profile of our friends and we see the pics of their vacation, party, pandal times, family times and similar ones and we feel why my life is not that happening? They seem to be so happy and fun, and here i am working from home, no weekends, managing kids and house. Why God why me?

But let us think practically. Do you really think when your friend is having an argument with his or her spouse, or is shouting like mad on the kids, or having a bad day, or crying, they will be clicking pics or recording videos? And even if they do (i know some even do this) they are going to upload it on FB, Insta or their WhatsApp. NO . Because we all are trying to portray an image, which may not be the reality.

On social media platforms we are forced to see what they want us to see, not what the truth is.

So next time when you see your friends having a gala time on FB, or playing a keyboard or making beautiful Mandala Art, try to get inspired and do something creative with your leisure time instead of cribbing and comparing.

We need to understand that nature never sends an individual without some unique gift. We all will add some value to this beautiful world. Just that we need to find our gift, talent and explore what is that uniqueness in us. So there is no question of comparison.

A small tree will never compare itself to a taller one or the tall one will not be full of ego that i am so big. Similarly no animal gets stressed or depressed just because some other animal is doing better than him. The whole creation has learnt to live in absolute harmony with mother nature and is celebrating life, because they have understood one important lesson that Existence needs variety , except  Humans because we are busy in comparison, cribbing, complaining, and what not.

We all have our own set of challenges and we are here to finish our journey- from birth to death. So no two individual’s journey will be similar. Someone might need a cycle or other might need a car, someone’s journey will be easy and other’s may be full of turbulence.

For eg even if two people follow same diet and workout routine , the results will still differ. So there is no point of comparison at all.

And for this journey mother nature has either given us all the resources we need or the potential to get all the resources we will require to cover this distance. 

So no matter how hard we will try somewhere somebody will be always better than us in terms of talent, wealth,  etc.

What is required is we set own our own benchmark and instead of comparing ourself with others we should focus on becoming better than what we were yesterday.

Accept yourself.


Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

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