Not only imaginary but also an imagination without a base (let’s say)! And even funnier, if there is any ultimate goal of life, then it is God. If that God is not found then life is useless. It’s the height of!!

Well, from a view I assume there is no God.

But… a question which I did not understand that why did man need such imagination?

He lived in the cave. He hunted animals. There were days of fun, neither God nor soul. Then one day when he had enough to eat and there was no work, his soul started singing. He made a wooden flute and a melody filled the strings. Aha! sheer delight! Then more melodious melodies and more enjoyment!!

A great day it was, full of joy and melody. All the bad left him and joy fulfilled him entirely. ‘There could be more joy and melody in life’ he thought. There is no limit to the melodious tune and joy as much as practice. His thirst did not quench. Need more fun now!

He started wandering in the jungle in search of this ‘more joy’. After a long journey, maybe of thousands of years, the caveman found a state of joy (Ananda) beyond which there was nothing bad nor good either. There was no sorrow and no joy anymore either. 

This image came into the mind of man. That state of bliss, after experiencing which there is no longer any desire for any other bliss, nor does the mind desire it. The highest state of a human being, the highest of Ananda! The Parmananda, as we call him. The Parmananda was an imagination first and it still is, for many. If you are lucky enough to find a guru, you will taste this nectar well in time or you will always think it’s an imagination.

When Swami Vivekanand asked Ramkrishna Paramhansa in his first meeting “Have you ever seen God?” Ramkrishna replied ” Yes, of course! and I have talked to him exactly like I am talking to you…” The truth of Ramkrishna Paramhans made Swami Vivekanand speechless. Ramkrishna continued “…and you can talk exactly like me. Do you want to?”

The world knows the story. Swami Vivekanand made that imagination a reality when he was very young. We just keep thinking if God is really imaginary.