This phrase got my sudden attention- “Mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master” – from The Monk who sold his Ferrari.

Once again I find myself at crossroads. Once again I failed you Swamiji. You took me out of a strained marriage, You enabled me to start a career at age 41, You cured me from cancer. But with time and worldly distractions, emphasis re-shifted to the small “I”. Overconfidence led to setting the heart on a passionate desire, more like wanting to own like a prized possession. Hence, failure was imminent, how would it not when I let the tainted mind rule! So the journey begins again. My Lord, if You feel this student is worthy enough, please take her back in Your warm embrace and help her get rid of the blemishes. This child needs to re-learn the art of acceptance, please guide her way.

My OS family, please walk with this fellow student in clearing the dark clouds to experience the sunny meadows beyond.

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