The frame of reference is important. The statement is true only for those who have dissolved their egos and have gone through the entire cycle of self-realization. Perfection becomes meaningless for someone who has transcended the dualities of existence. Perfection becomes irrelevant when you have nowhere to go or reach.

Firstly, for a self-realized person, there is only pure consciousness. He has transcended all dualities. He is stable and even-minded in pleasure and pain, victory or loss, and is not driven by the senses. He knows that what he sees, how he sees and acts is all mind play. For such a person, things exist as they are, he is not caught up in illusions. After realizing the only truth and becoming one with it, the question of perfection or imperfection doesn’t arise.

But if you tell a normal human that life is perfect, it is nothing but cruelty. Perfection has to be realized. It is not a theoretical construct that an enlightened person or Guru should preach to you about. When you are trapped by life’s small issues, sorrows, fears, and insecurities, the question of perfection is meaningless. Only when you start realizing that something beyond and bigger must exist, that source to which you belong, only then such questions assume meaning. Otherwise, telling someone who is caught in the doldrums of life, that life is perfect and beautiful, is simply stupidity and ignorance.

Too many concepts and preaching deviate even sincere people from the path of Karma. Do we see that all of us have been assigned different roles, which are unique to us? Does life seem perfect to a person dying from disease or hunger or grieving the loss of a loved one?

Perfection will reveal itself only after the adequate polishing of your ego. When you realize “the beyond”. Till then, your only Dharma is your Swardharma, do it the best and keep evolving. Life’s imperfections will make way eventually towards perfection.

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