Money is one of the most powerful things in the world. It is believed that if you have money, you have everything like social status, power and etc but is money everything? Not at all. With money you can live a comfortable life and do a lot of stuffs but you can’t buy someone’s emotions, respect, trust and love at all and i think love is the most powerful thing than money. 

Yes money can buy you happiness but only up to a certain limit or level. Many times I have seen people who have a lot of money but do not have time and those people always live in depression and on the other hand, I have also seen such people whose income is less but still they are happy in their life. Somewhere, money can buy happiness only up to a limit, after that only satisfaction plays the real role because some are satisfied with little and some are not satisfied with much.

 I feel that no matter how much one earns or not, no matter whether one works or not, later everyone comes to the same level of life. We all came empty handed and we will all leave empty handed. One can only live good moments and good moments are not lived by money but by heart.