Is the grass greener on the other side? I know we’ve all heard this phrase and we also know very well what it means. In my ongoing attempt to tame the dragon aka my mind, I realized that my mind loves to be where it’s not and it loves to go places where it’s not. In fact, it always rejoices in the idea that the grass is greener on the other side, an imagined reality. Although it took me a while to realize it, over time this comparison with a desired reality became a source of sadness, jealousy, and discontentment. 

So, when I had enough, I decided to have a dialogue with the mind.

Here it goes…

As you may have read in my previous post, I dive in and say: Mind, let’s talk!!!

Here’s my dialogue:

Me: Is the grass REALLY greener on the other side? 

Mind: It is

Me: What makes you say so?

Mind: Look at the greenery of comforts, people, the fun they are having, etc.

Me: Hmm. So, let’s go there mentally and let’s recall when you were there last time. How was that?

Mind: Well, it was nice but I didn’t want to be there too long. I wanted to be back here, where I am right now.

Me: So you wanted to be here when you were there? 

Mind: Errr I just got caught… but Yes, that’s right!

Me: Do you see the problem Mr. Dragon? Just the other day, I read somewhere:

“Everybody’s looking for the future. They’re never in the present. So, when they arrive at the future, it’s not there for them because they’re not present for it. If you get the idea that NOW is the moment that you have, it is the ONLY moment you have, then you live in the present. Then you move with the flow, because this is the point of arrival. Right now.”

Me, as I continued: Also, see my Guru’s Grace, I happened to stumble upon the Journey of Life. The beautiful poem by Corey Mohler hit me home!

Let’s finalize this once and for all my Dear Dragon, you are here because that’s where Sri Hari wants YOU to be. Remember always, Not a Leaf moves without HIS will. Whatever has happened, whatever is happening, whoever is there, whomever is not there, and whatever will happen is ALL His grace and blessings.

Mind: Then how do you plan to cultivate contentment. And how will you remember this ‘genius idea’ at all times?

Me: Well, I’ll be watching YOU constantly, my love!
I’ll keep asking you: What are you thinking right now? What should you be thinking right now? This will keep you in check. Simple, isn’t it? 

And with that, my little coffee break with my mind ended. Although, it’s been a work in progress, the mind is no longer bringing up this thought much anymore. And when it does, as I shared above, I have a comeback for it. And it works.

So, if you also have the question, I’d say it’s unnecessary, the question doesn’t arise once we realize that the mind is just trying to throw silly tantrums. That great realization when we know that there is NO question…it’s just gone! I smile away, do you?

Jai Sri Hari! 🙏❤

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