Dear Sangat,

I am deeply stuck with this thought that What life is? Working 5 days a week, being helpless in life activities, struggles and all. Is this lifejQuery112409808469568426624_1615070316100

I will share you my experience, After my college I was dealing with family problems, financial problems and restless in my dreams, when I began searching for a Job, people Ignored me like anything, Yeah the day came and I got a job.

After few months, financial and family problems were sorted but mind became more vigorous and started boggling with unnecessary thoughts. Few more months passed and I saw an Auto driver, earning way less than me and said, I only work for 4-5 hours a day and said I can fulfill my requirements of daily life easily.

Few days after that, I started thinking that why I am hurrying in my life?? Why can’t I have a peaceful life like Auto driver. I suddenly got the news that my grandfather expired and I had to rush to my home. On my way to home I realised life is not just working and living for livelihood, life is spending time with loved ones which once gone will never come back.

Life is having a perfect body with no disease, life is having your parents, children around and smiling. Life is having a Guru in life to guide. Life is life.

Be grateful for what you have, May god bless your parents, children and you

Have a wonderful life ahead

Life is so small and it’s the last turn of ours on planet Earth

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Jagwinder Singh Ratol

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