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Verse 5:

tad ejati tan naijati tad dūre tad vantike

tadantarasya sarvasya tadu sarvasyāsya bāhyataḥ ||5||

Literal Meaning: 
 It moves, it is motionless. It is distant, it is near. It is within all, it is without all this.

My Personal Understanding: 

The text says that although motionless in itself, it seems to move. Here, the eternity of inactive and dynamic principles is emphasized. Lord is Inactive, and yet by his mysterious power, enjoys the movement in the form of seven layers of conscious principle.

The model of One Pure Consciousness creates streams of seven layers of consciousness, each one unfolding and merging into the other one. They all finally merge into an ocean of one, unmoving, immutable Pure consciousness. 

                    Seven Rivers of  Consciousness and Ocean of Consciousness

                            Genesis- 1:27 “So God created mankind in his own image”

Isha upanishad: the practical guide for divine life : ( part 5) 2Fact 1: tad ejati

It moves    

 The first three expressions on the left side have unity as their expression established in Truth and the other three on the right side have individuality as their expression rooted in ignorance. So, the individual existence that we experience is a reflected expression of one cosmic existence manifested in the cosmic mind. The individual vital force that we experience is a reflected expression of one cosmic awareness manifested in the cosmic mind. The various sea of emotions that we experience is a reflection of one cosmic bliss manifested in the cosmic mind.

Fact 2: tan naijati

It is motionless

The seventh river of consciousness is our individual ego that is the cause of all duality and ignorance and when purified, becomes a gateway to experience reality: the three individual rivers of consciousness are the exact replica of three rivers of cosmic consciousness. Beyond these seven rivers is an ocean of pure consciousness that is the source of all manifestations and expression and yet is said to be unknown, unmanifested. The purified ego that has no desires left may wish to merge in this Ocean of pure consciousness. It is not that their individual existence is gone forever, just by their mere will, one can come back to any of the seven streams of consciousness again. History is replete with the incarnations and spiritual masters who have come to the world back to help mankind.

Fact 3: tad dūre tad vantike

It is far, It is near

This is a way of saying to let us know that the outer reality that we experience within the periphery of space, time, and the cause is the replica of inner reality that is beyond time, space, and cause.

Fact 4: tadantarasya sarvasya tadu sarvasyāsya bāhyataḥ 

It is within all, it is without all this

The Sat, Chit, and Ananda aspect is not to be understood as lower or higher, since there is no differentiation and there is unity. It is one but expressed as three layers, interdependent and interconnected. 

Who can explain it better than the one who has gone beyond and come back to help us evolve and expand? So, without polluting the message even a bit by my limited intellect, here is an article by our beloved master, Om Swami explaining the Law of the interconnectedness of cosmic consciousness. This journey is a process of becoming rather than knowing. The way to be established in the Truth is to become One. For those who want to embark on the journey of merging multiple layers of rivers of life principle into an ocean of pure consciousness, here is a course on Kundalini meditation as shared by our beloved master, Om Swami.


To be Continued…

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